Meet Torie

Hey, I'm Torie, the creator of the Roan cow

Just like you its been a long, hard climb to the top. Of whatever hill or mountain you went out after in the first place. Mine just so happened to be in a male dominated industry. For a long time it wasn’t cool to be a young women in my place. I had to grin and bare the nasty attitudes. I stuffed it all in a neat little box and buried it, all in order to seem stronger, more capable and able to do what the boys were already doing. I fought for every dollar I earned. Along the way I stressed out, worked myself into the ground, drank to much coffee and always skipped lunch.

Until a year ago when I got sick.

So sick I couldn’t look straight at one cow and tell you how many were standing in front of me. I couldn’t care for my 9 month old son. There it was, my human showing through. After weeks of sleepless pain, my diagnosis came in. Stomach ulcers. One expensive prescription and a bottle of chill pills later and I was on my way to de stressing my new life…

And so The Roan Cow was born. Because here we don’t care how long its been since you’ve done laundry or how often your kids are fed boxed Mac & Cheese. We’ve done the hard work for you here. Fresh, inspiring ingredients crafted in bars of goodness and jars of relaxation.