Handmade soap and body products for hard working cowgirls and cowboys

Made from scratch just for you

The Roan Cow is a western “Bath and Body Works” for hard working cowgirls and cowboys (yes, the boys too). All of our collections are made from scratch in small batches. We custom blend our unique fragrances in house and mix all of our own recipes here, too. This means you get all of the luscious feeling without any of the gross chemicals.

You’ve worked hard all day, now come relax with the best. 

What our customers think...

The body butter is my absolute FAVORITE. My hands were always dry, cracked, bleeding, and just really painful. I'm so grateful to have found this magic in a jar. And not just for my relief but my kids as well! I started using this body butter before winter and normally when the weather changes our hands just get awful. But using this nonstop throughout the day and extra right before bed has kept our hands soft and healthy and no more cracks and bleeding with the cold weather! I can't thank you enough Tori!

Jamie Talley

I absolutely love The Roan Cow's products! I love to unwind after vet school exams or classes using Boss Cow bath soak! All The Roan Cow products are of amazing quality and come in unique scent varieties!

Brooke Falk

I absolutely LIVE for the lavender peppermint bath soak. It's relaxing AND refreshing, doesn't stain my tub, and doesn't irritate my skin. The brilliant blue color is so much fun! It reminds me of the Japanese bath salts my mom would let me use when I was a little girl. I know that Tori wants us to feel something when we use her products, and she absolutely succeeds here.

My only complaint is that it doesn't come in a gallon bucket! But I guess that would be pretty expensive to ship.

If the scent isn't up your alley, just try a different one, because scent aside, the materials she uses are stellar! You will not be disappointed.

Lisa Higbee

I love every item I have from TRC. My husband has declared I have a problem I never want to run out so I keep buying my favorites! Fresh cows and Range Bull are perfection. Lilac bath soak is beyond perfection. That is my favorite smell on earth, next to leather and after it rains. Yall do an amazing job

Leslie Shepperd

For the past six months I've been driving to a cute little shop 30 minutes from me to purchase my The Roan Cow soaps. I figured this was the quickest way for me to get them in my hands. Imagine my dismay/excitement when I finally ordered online, noticed the local pick up was in my town, and discovered it is literally down the road from my house, like less than half a mile. This is going to be so good for me, and so bad for my wallet .

Brit Higley

Barn Jacket is my all time favorite scent! I love most of the Roan Cow scents and could never decide until Torie released Barn Jacket. It’s the perfect combination of warm and sexy. The body butter is my favorite Roan Cow product, but I love the scent so much that I had to get it in the body oil as well. I use the oil in my hair and on my face after I wash it. I love that it leaves my skin hydrated but never oily. It also gives my hair a nice glow! ❤️

Nikki Nelson

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Meet The Maker

Hi friend! I'm Torie, the mad scientist behind The Roan Cow. I'm mildly good at following directions and if left to my own devices, I'll take the center piece of cake every time. Because ewe, corners. 

After repurposing my dairy nutrition degree to formulate soaps, I worked my magic on some truly wonderful customer favorites!

Because here we don’t care how long its been since you’ve done laundry or how often your kids are fed boxed Mac & Cheese. We’ve done the hard work for you here. Fresh, inspiring ingredients crafted in bars of goodness and jars of relaxation.