Why You Need Our New Body Oils

I love something that does more then one thing and does it well. I spent time in the studio redesigning our body oils to be more what our much loved customers needed.

Honeycrisp Holstein 3n1 Oil

Part of what makes our oil different is the custom blend of pure oils we use. Soured from quality Women owned businesses, we've done all the research for you. We wanted an oil that could be used for more then just a moisturizer so in went Organic Sunflower and Castor Oil. These two oils take a bit longer to soak into skin, but provide a wonderful amount of slip and warmth for massages. We then balanced out the recipe with light oils such as Sweet Almont and Avocado that absorb rapidly. Together they make an excellent bath oil without making a mess of your tub. Using this blend guarantees a long lasting oil of many uses.

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