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From The Crossroads of Should and Must.

Being yourself starts here. This is your guide to growth. Your guide to less wasted screen time and more you time. I know you want to archive great big things and crush all those goals you have. My first recommendation? Start with a book or a podcast. Bite sized pieces, my best friend. I’ve been able to take leaps where I was only crawling by opening up one of these books or turning off the radio on a long drive and turning on the very podcasts listed below!

And if you’re not quite convinced, read on…

 I’ve learned a few things over the past year. I totally need to read more and should probably consider cussing a bit less. Since I'm not really ready to work on that last one, lets just start with reading. P.s. Facebook does not count girl! I already love to read, but I just could not get into the business books or god forbid, self-help books. I was fantastic at buying them, but I never finished them or even started many of them.  It wasn’t until my husband and I started really digging back into real estate (yeah, I do that too!) that I began to pick up on a common theme among the top investors: They make time to read EVERYTHING and the improvement they are doing on themselves is never ending. Can't stop, won't stop!

They just weren’t reading books about business. They were picking up self-improvement titles, books on hormones influence on human interaction, how to play the saxophone and how to jump start your early morning routine. I can’t remember where I heard this next quote, but it made so much since it’s stuck with me ever since. “If you can take one key point or idea out of the whole book and then go apply it with success in your life or business, what is the ROI of that $15 book?” Endless my friends, the answer is endless.

Below is an ongoing list of Books and Podcasts that I have found very helpful and ones on my waiting list. It really doesn’t matter if you are here to be your best self, grow your side hustle or do all the things. I know you will keep finding resources on this list to help you get there. Book and podcast suggestions are mandatory friends, fire away!  


  1. Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis
  2. The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna
  3. Find Your Yellow Tux by Jesse Cole
  4. Story Brand by Donald Miller
  5. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
  6. Never Lose A Customer Again by Joey Coleman
  7. Captivate The Science of Succeeding With People by Vanessa Van Edwards


  1. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
  2. Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis (She also reads a few chapters from her book!)
  3. Building A Story Brand with Donald Miller
  4. Business Done Differently with Jesse Cole
  5. Bigger Pockets (Mostly Real Estate, but check out episode #296 with Rock Thomas)
  6. The Goal Digger Podcast
  7. The Influencer Podcast
  8. This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt
  9. The Tony Robbins Podcast

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