The Difference between a Dream & a Goal

I don’t day dream about being successful. Or even about my business taking off and do wonderful things. Or think about how great I would feel if I went to the gym, like ever. I make a habit of shuffling these aside and create goals out of them. That way my ADHD run brain can wander off later and dream about visiting Ireland or going to the Kentucky Derby. I like that. Goals need to have a better time line then, “hey I would like to make a million bucks before I’m 40” There really isn’t much urgency to that, is there? So instead you start to wonder off and think about all the cool things you could do with that cold, hard cash. And before you know it, you’re sitting on the couch the night before your 40thbirthday counting your $100s instead of those millions you should be dancing in. Cool things live in dreams, like unicorns and vacations to Hawaii. The even cooler part is once you start crossing goals off your list, like save $1,000 per month, trips to Hawaii can start happening. And they don’t have to end there. Do you have dreams you could make into goals? I want to hear them!

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