Replenish Dry Skin

Our skin works had every day to keep you safe. As skin gets older or dehydrated it loses some of its ability to hold in moisture. This can be the beginning of fine lines, wrinkles and dry tired skin!  There are lots of tips on taking care of the skin on your face, but very little information on the rest of you. Here’s a few ways you can add a great total skin care routine to your week!

Exfoliate in the shower a few times a week.

Sugar scrub in Harvest Fig

Getting rid of the outer layer of dead skin cells can help give skin a brighter appearance and feel silky smooth.  By lifting the old layer away, it brings healthier skin to the surface and allows topical treatments to soak in far better than before. Picking the right treatment for your skin is important. Sugar or Salt scrubs can be a great way to get stated at home! These work by manually removing cells without the use of harsh chemicals and results can be found as soon as you set out of the shower. As an added bonus our sugar scrubs are formulated with extra oils and butters so the new layer of skin is moisturized as soon as the scrub is washed off! Find our handmade section here!

Use a high quality Body Oil after exposure to hot water.

A hot shower is my go to after a long, stressful day and a bath is where you can find me finishing a good book almost all winter it’s really not the best for my skin. Prolonged time in hot water can slowly strip away your skins natural protective barrier and leave you dry and itchy.  And while all that sounds depressing, a high quality Body oil such as the other we make here at TRC can help bring back that much need moisture and add the protection you need. If you have found other oils to be to heavy and sticky first thing out of the bath try adding a tablespoon of oil (I bet you have olive oil in your kitchen) to your bath. I’ve found this is my very favorite way to relax in the tub and I almost never have to reapply after toweling off.  Don't want to raid your kitchen? Check out our line up of oils here.

Drink water.

Is dry skin a problem for you? It’s pretty simple. The water we drink helps move every function in our bodies. Everything from skin elasticity to clearer thinking come from your water intake. Fine line and wrinkles can be fought while you keep hydrated because skin calls for moisture from within. If we neglect our intake we force our skin to take a back seat to all the other organs that need water as well. This means our skin becomes dry and sensitive.  Another common misconception is the drier our skin the more creams and lotions we need. Truth be told hydrated, heathy skin is much better at absorbing moisture from these products! I have a hard time drinking the recommended amount every day (bathrooms on farms can be few and far between!), but I try and keep my water bottle full or at least with me everywhere I go. This helps me mindful to the amount I drink and if its available I’m much more inclined to do it!


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