Soap: What you’re missing out on!

Soap ~ What you’re missing out on Haven’t tried a bar of handmade soap yet? Soap is soap right? No junk please ~ Our handmade soap is junk free. No artificial hardeners or fake lather here. What you get it is soap made by real people that meticulously formulate and test recipes until they are just right. This process can take years by itself. But trust me, you my friend, are worth it. Honest, Pure, Wholesome Ingredients: Our soaps are made from the finest raw ingredients from around the globe. From beautiful Organic Shea Butter, responsibly sourced straight from small farmers in West Africa to our wildly colorful mica color purchased from other fantastic small businesses and pure locally harvested honey. We have our hands on every part of the production line and we know what goes in every bar, every step of the way. Full circle~ Holding that bar in your hand, knowing where it came from, knowing what its made of, knowing the good it brings worldwide, you can’t help but feel better. A great, handmade bar of soap turns a simple shower into time to just be you.

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