Not Quite a Love Story


       Late morning rolled around to me making the decision to wear the shortest skirt I owned and the tallest wedges I could walk in. Why to this day I thought that any of that outfit was classy only my 19 year old self would know. All I knew was I wasn’t in a tractor and there would be lunch. Which brings me to lunch. My date was to pick me up after I dropped my truck off at the college. In my town we had a pretty good automotive program and my grandmother suggested I have the instructor take care of the maintenance on my beloved truck. And my lunch date? He was tall, good-looking and drove a huge lifted truck. He was a little older than me and pretty full of himself. My interest in him was lukewarm, but he had promised lunch. I was semi sold and decided at last minute to entertain his offer. I’d never been to the shop at the college before. So when I pushed the big, windowless double doors open the last thing I expected was the room to be full of guys. And if we are being honest, the last thing any of them expected to see, was me. Dressed like a cute hooker none the less. Keys in my hand and a dumfounded look on my face I stood also not saying anything as everyone came to investigate. At this point I had their attention and asked if the instructor was around. There were so many faces standing, smiling, and giggling in front of me I had hardly noticed the hottie that had pushed his way to the front with his hands out stretched to me. And with his strong hand on my bare shoulder and sweet smile he turned me around back towards the door and away from my new adorning fans. Once outside I tried my best to keep my composure as I handed him my keys. He was dirty with grease and just handsome as hell. He smirked as I walked way, looking back over my shoulder telling him he better take care of my truck. A few days later we met again when I came to pick up my truck. This time I was the one with dirt on my face instead of makeup and hay in my hair. My tee shirt was stained with grease and although ripped my jeans were the appropriate for the occasion. And he was still as handsome as I remembered. Game over, friends I was a goner.  The End.

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