Horse Sweat and Mountains

Nic and I had a lovely day at a local Stock Horse Show this past weekend. Most of this past winter we have struggled to say the least. Not being able to ride as much as I needed to and just plain not being in right frame of mind to learn with my little mare made training very hard. I just couldn't see how we were ever going to be ready. It's iconic how, after being told a million times, things just fall in to place. Without you even knowing it. And even if you worry about it, things won't work out any faster. How long have I lived without believing this? Far to long. And I definitely didn't wake up and realize this by myself. My sweet chestnut mare and my blond haired best friend pretty much drug me kicking and screaming to my "Aw Ha!" moment.  Nic started to relax the more I chilled out.  Looking back I'm so glad they took the time to help and wait for me to come to the light in my own time. Even if it was going to take me forever. Lope one more circle, pick up that lead one more time, over and over again. Little by little things start to roll and fit together to make something beautiful. Appreciate your support team, keep climbing that mountain. You got this!

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