Eli and the Swimming Pool

As I waited in my car watching the garage door open in my back up camera, there sat a single blue plastic cup in the middle of my parking space. Just one lonely little cup. Mocking me from the cold cement floor. The same cup that had been in the kitchen sink this morning. This I was sure of. My heart rate began to quicken and I gripped the steering wheel like my car was sliding off a cliff. My son babbling in the backseat was blissfully unaware of the escalating situation. He just wouldn’t understand the significance of this out of place blue cup and what destruction it meant we would find in the house. The door to the mudroom was flung open like a scene in some kind of horror movie and out danced Eli. A 90 lb flashy white and fawn colored Boxer. Our Boxer. With her big doe eyes ever so happy to see her people, she had clearly forgot all about her day’s adventures and I myself was just about to find out how much fun she had. Her space when we are gone for the day is a good sized run attached to the house with a dog door into our heated garage. She lived the high life of fancy dog foods, vast arrays of toys and an energetic toddler to play with. And today a door had been left unlocked. I won’t go naming names, but although I was last out it surly wasn’t me. I just don’t forget silly things like that. She started with the mud room. Calf bottles, socks, a half full grain bucket were all selected as highly prized items and taken to the living room for further investigation. A stuffed animal massacre in my son’s room, followed by a lovey carpet rendition of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night in fish food could be found on the office floor. Slayed green bananas as far as the eye could see and off in the distance the sound of running water could be heard. The icing on the cake was in the kitchen however. Following the muddy paw prints down the hall I pretty much walked into a State Farm Insurance commercial with no magic wand wielding agent in sight. Broken glass covered the floor, a chewed up roll of Costco sized toilet paper and soggy noodles  were floating around the newly created swimming pool that once was my kitchen. Somehow this magical dog had found herself on the counter next to the sink and with a soft nose or maybe even a gentle swipe of a well-placed paw she was able to turn on the faucet. And because I am a lack luster house keeper, there were dishes stacked in the sink, which caused a charming waterfall to make its way to the tiled floor below. And for untold hours that water had run. My son however was overjoyed at the new addition. He splashed his tinny toddler feet long the soaked rug on the floor while Eli bounced along behind, happy her boy was home. Laughing and shrieking with delight as they made waves ripple down the hall. I on the other hand poured a glass of wine. And I seldom drink wine. But for this I would make an exception as I made a call to my darling husband to break the news. Me: “Honey I’m going to need you to come home, like right now” Husband: “Are the horses out again?” Me: splash, splash, splash “I wish” My husband and I worked well into the night sopping up gallons of water from the kitchen and crawl space of our house. All the while Eli snoozed in her heated dog bed upstairs with the child beside her watching some Troll movie, just like any other normal night. And when we finally were able to climb into our own bed, I found the last surprise of Eli’s big adventure….a blue cup nestled under my pillow.


  • Torie

    What naughty ponies! Sounds like they would be fast friends with Elie!

  • Rondi

    OMG Love it Torie! I laughed so hard…. Its so familiar! Glad someone else has these lifes cherished moments. My horses did something similiar to our barn once. I accidentally left a stall door open( well just unchained). They turned on the water, flooded their barn and ripped tack off the walls in preparation of their own “horsie” style yard sale! I came home to brush"floaties" bobbing out from underneath their barn door and a huge mess. Pretty proud of them selves as they dismantled hay bales, ate ALL the peppermint treats and knocked radios, grooming supplies and various coats into the “Pool”. ugh. All I could do was laugh.

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