Cow-girl in the Caymans

The waves crashing against the shoreline. The sun, high in mid day sky shown so brightly. The wind. Why was it so windy? I came here because Idaho was so damn windy. Back to the waves... they came and left with such intensity, but were so painfully predictable it made my skin crawl. It mirrored my everyday life. Here I was setting on a beach 2,500 miles away from the daily stress of running a dairy and I couldn't even enjoy it. My phone was still ringing back at the condo with people asking questions they already had the answers to. Texts about milk weights and cull cows.  Not one thing that couldn't wait until I returned home.

Somehow I managed to not only enjoy myself, but even took enough time to come up with a game plan for when I got home.

What did that consist of? Quitting my job. The first step was to realize in all my fear of the water, I was drowning right here on this sandy beach. And the stress was absolutely not worth my salary. The next step was to figure out what I was going to do about that.

Even if it's not you're job that's making you crazy, I bet you have something in your life that needs to be fixed. A plan needs to be made and action needs to be taken from there. Don't think you need to go and burn the whole world down tomorrow to see some change.  The process is slow and methodical. It may take months and you need to be prepared for that. Because what you will find is the journey getting to where you want to go is far more impactful then the destination. 

Making a good plan starts with having a frailty clear idea of what your end game is.  Lose weight? Get out of a bad relationship? Make more money? What is it you REALLY want? Not real sure? Read on..

When I started my quest to straighten life out, I really didn't have a clue where even start. I was super frustrated when my good friend sent me the perfect book. The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna was just what I needed to get the ball rolling and at least start making steps towards making a plan. It helped me get a little better idea as to what I really wanted to do. It will do the same for you too, my friend.  It's a short inspiring, read. Be use to check it out if your feeling a little lost or discouraged.  I even keep a few copies on hand to give out to friends!

Meanwhile the waves kept crashing onto the shoreline and I found myself day dreaming about living in a world that I didn't need to be on call. What are you waiting for? 


  • Danielle Kmieciak

    After selling my herd of cows a couple months ago i’m feeling more lost than I ever did. I’m trying to find ways to produce an income while staying home with my boys. I kept all my young stock with high hopes of starting up again in couple years… but the market is so bleak that seems foolish. I have no idea what to do next, but a vacation to a beach somewhere would be a nice start right now haha!

  • Ashley Kennedy

    Being stressed and drowning isn’t fun. I get it. I’m often there. But with the weather coming up this week a beach vacation sounds perfect.

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